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Washington’s 11 Required Subjects



Social Studies

Occupational Education

Art & Music Appreciation

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Preparing for Departure

We are on the verge of a New Life, in transition, being squeezed out of all that we have known and has become familiar and into a Great Unknown. Yes, we are being birthed.

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I have been homeschooling for about 15 years now. I have used A Beka, Bob Jones, Rod & Staff, Alpha Omega, KONOS and others in my attempt to teach my children the Truth of Scripture. All of these are now in boxes. Although they did contain some truth, the perspective and mindset that this truth was set in is not the mindset I want for my kids.

I *used to* be very deliberate to make sure I was covering all the subject areas listed in the state’s scope and sequence requirements. I no longer worry about this either. The end game that I am preparing my kids for is radically different from the end game that the state has in mind for my neighbors’ kids.

I agree with others who have defined reading, writing and math as the next-to-the bottom line. I add in one suggestion that I am now incorporating with my younger ones: teach them Hebrew as well. My 4 year old knows the Alef-Bet as well as he knows the Alphabet.

And yes, the real bottom line is to teach them Torah. Its truths are pure and simple enough for a child to understand. Teach them who they are, who you as a family are. Teach them about covenant, how important it is. It is the Why for everything else we do. This also is a simple thing for a child to understand (can you say “pinkie promise?”) When you teach history, teach them your family history first – how you came together as a family, how you came into Covenant with God. Then teach them the rest of the history of God’s Covenant people. Then add in the history of the rest of the world as it relates to God’s Covenants.

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Dad & Mom’s Ten Commandments

  1. We are the parents. We are in charge.

  2. It is our approval that you should seek, our priorities that you should align yourself with, not those of the World.

  3. We are distinct from the World. Don’t bring shame on our family by acting like the World.

  4. You follow the schedule we set.

  5. Respect and appreciate us. You do not understand the job we do, and God has put you in our family and under our authority for a reason.

  1. Be nice to each other. No physical or emotional violence. No teasing. No mockery. Be considerate.

  2. Don’t betray your family.

  3. Don’t steal from each other: not items, or glory, or credit for jobs done, or computer turns or personal time.

  4. Do not lie to us, to each other, or about each other.

  5. Be grateful and appreciative for the things, the privileges, the rewards and the blessings you have rather than complaining about what you don’t have and constantly asking for more.

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Picture ID

I recently changed the profile picture on my Facebook account to this:

It wasn’t too long before my aunt, a lifelong Christian, wrote to me, questioning why I had chosen that image for my profile. Had I converted to Judaism? What was going on? She also apologized if she was getting “too personal.”

I put much thought and prayer into my answer to her. Here is what I said:

Of course you are not getting too personal – you are my family! In a nutshell: I believe that when Jesus came He fulfilled every aspect of God’s statutes for His covenant people, covering their sins by sacrificing Himself and shedding his own blood. He also extended that forgiveness of sins to Gentiles, opening the way for them to also enter into covenant with Him.

Christianity has over the years walked away from the instructions that God gave for His covenant people and has, through the institution of it’s own man made traditions and customs, created it’s own religion (just like the Pharisees did with all their additions of laws in the Talmud.)

I didn’t really understand the concept of Covenant until just recently. I knew that God promised to renew His covenant with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah (Jer. 31 The word here used for “new” in “new covenant” is the same as is used for “new moon.”) But my understanding was more of a saved/not saved, Heaven/Hell type of thinking, where it was primarily about what happened after you die. Kinda, “you gotta believe in Jesus so that your sins are forgiven and you go to Heaven instead of Hell when you die. And in the meantime, you have to pray and study the Bible and go to church and not lie and basically obey the Ten Commandments so that you don’t get in trouble, because you are an adopted son now and the Father will discipline you if you disobey.”

Since realizing that by believing in Him and his absolute sufficiency to forgive my sins and make me clean and Holy in the sight of God, I can now enter into and be part of His Covenant People, that I can walk in all the blessings and assurance of provision and protection for this life and whatever else is to come next, I have found a joy and excitement that I never even imagined. “Found” isn’t even an accurate word: it has burst forth from my soul uncontrollably. Each day is a new opportunity to love Him and worship Him as I walk in covenant with him and experience all that comes with that.

He is my God and I am His people. That is my primary identity.

I am glad that you asked. No one else has.

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